When Mondays arrives, it will mark two weeks since Lagerloca.com was released as an Instagram project with its own Website

I decide to write an introduction to Lagerloca.

The straight up Jacks: I first began developing these photos around 5 years ago. Always against a solid wall; regardless of its subdued character.

I wanted to make it personal, so I chose an upper body approach, focusing on the face. The rest just came natural.




Lagerloca, Season 1

Set 1 of 18 has been released on Instagram.

Lagerloca is a GIF-based photography project.

#AmaLaFiesta #Lagerloca




List of domains under our control.



Microblog Update

ETAERC.mx is the new address behind my Microblog.

A custom Tumblr theme using the Foundation Framework.

ETAERC is a palindrome for the word Create.




The Weblog can also be accessed via permalink.