• Multidisciplinary front-end デベロッパー [developer].

    わたし [I am] a creative all-around individual who is overly passionate about the デザイン [design] process.

  • Alberto Castro is a Consultant with over 17 years of experience in the field of user interface design.

  • Graphics and coding are a huge passion of mine. It enables me to create a collection of aesthetic experiences devised by technology and tools for intercommunication interaction.

  • Background.

    Raised around the globe by a career diplomat and his fine arts counterpart; my cultural background is extensive.

    In the fall of '01 I move to the Windy City to major in Computer Science, from here my passion for user interface design took off. From '03 to '09, I was taken in by the OSS/Open Source sphere, contributing code and graphics.

    HTLM5 Web Developer.

    Certified ELT Celta teacher as of August, 2019.

  • I like to travel, having visited over 130 cities in 29 countries.

    I speak English, French, Spanish and I study Japanese.

  • Interests.

    Collecting books, examining subjects such as the Arts, History and Mythology, a Renaissance man.

    Collaborate on visual art projects, shoot to some extend photography and Electrical engineering by way of Open source microcontrollers. Last but not least, sequencers, synthesizers, and samplers, anything with a 16 note scale.

    Skateboarding is another passion of mine and I exercised it for over 24 years, it takes discipline.

  • My current research topics are Symbolism, Egyptology, Religion, photographic composition, A.I. and smart fabrics (techwear).

  • THANKS, Seichiro Ichinose, Robert Renling "xcasex", Corey Donohoe (atmos), Brian Mattern "rephorm", Christian Fofiu, Carsten Haitzler (rasterman), Ben Rockwood (benr), Nathan Ingersoll, Tatiana Azundris (azundris), Jason Poindexter "contenu", Nathan Baxter "pixelhead", Andrew Brehaut "gr1dl0ck", Kevin Francis, Hannes Janetzek, Alex Becherer "moshi", Pascal Deniau (the myth), Rexford Smith, Candace Blevins "candy", David Liu, Quinn Storm, Braulio Elizondo (hiperpunk), Daniel Gonzalez (mard3), Stephen Houston (okra), Ibukun Olumuyiwa, María Mayela Leiva Ulloa, José Humberto Castro Villalobos, Carmen Torres, Ricardo Fajardo.

  • co-
    var. of com- before a vowel, h, and gn: coadjutor; cohabit; cognate. The prefix co- now productively forms new words from bases beginning with any sound (co-conspirator; co-manage; coseismic), sometimes with the derived sense auxiliary, subsidiary (coenzyme; copilot), and, in mathematics and astronomy, with the sense complement (codeclination).

    /rɛd/ [red] –verb (used with object), red, red⋅ding.
    redd ¹.