From the Greek,


all the gods of a people or religion collectively.
"the deities of the Hindu and Shinto pantheons"
(especially in ancient Greece and Rome) a temple dedicated to all the gods.
noun: Pantheon
a building in which the illustrious dead of a nation are buried or honored.

Tricks of the Guild.
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Graffiti & the Federal District (D.F.)

I run and house a photo_blog on graffiti. It revolves around the Federal District. It will continue to grow considering I have only scratched the surface.

Tricks of the Guild.
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The Week in Black & White

Nip & Kerf is a biweekly exercise in photography. A photo-journal extension to my Instagram account. As the name implies, all photography is measured in black and white.

Denominator 005 is the current issue.

You can view the rest of the gallery, here.

Tricks of the Guild.
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Tricks of the Guild.

The definition of a guild is "an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal". Quite a common trait (union, fellowship) throughout the Ages.

The phrase Tricks of the Guild relates to the nuts and bolts of the OSS/Open Source sphere, with a heavy emphasis on the Linux operating system as a means or platform for your everyday creative outlet; the culture of software dependencies, from patches to compilation.

ETAERC is a microblog created with open source tools, that encompasses art, photography, graffiti, #architexture and links to projects and news that I find relevant. It is a space where I collect my thoughts, works and findings.

The UI design involves a minimalistic layout, pagination, a built-in lightbox, and jQuery/Masonry. It is Schema and Opengraph ready. A theme for the Tumblr platform.

A publicly available version will be available in the weeks to come.

Tricks of the Guild.
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