Version Description Notes Date
6.0 ProtoCOLS n/a 2017-02-23
5.0 Introducing Portfolio Interoperation between different developed backends 2016-03-31
4.1 introduction Structured markup 2014-06-05
4.0 Introducing Foundation Framework Web +Mobile development 2013-08-10
3.4 Codename: Hiatus   2010-05-19
3.3 Codename: muted (jQuery) UI design and introduction to jQuery Library 2010-01-07
3.2 Codename: Achromatic UI design 2007-01-20
3.1 Introduced Lightbox.JS as an image viewer Ability to display images on demand 2006-10-11
3.0 Separated the layout from the directory indexer Separate logic from design 2006-03-04
2.4 Removal of random headers Removal of randon image headers, codebase cleanup 2006-01-28
2.3 Various CSS and XHTML cleanups Aesthetic fixes 2005-11-11
2.2 Added's directory indexer Extended navigation via a directory index 2004-11-06
2.1 Added the ability to publish entries into a MySQL database Initial uploaded code + MySQL/PHP 2004-04-04
2.0 Moved from HTML frames to XHTML/CSS "XML-based language XHTML occupied the W3C's HTML Working Group through the early and mid-2000s" 2003-10-06
1.0 Initial upload to rutilo argumentum 2003-02-01

Alberto Castro
Tricks of the Guild.