collaboration - ladamag3clothing

damag3 or dmg3 is the brainchild of Daniel Gonzalez. A Mexican born artist living in Osaka, Japan. His bag of tricks include typography, graffiti, graphic and apparel design.

Fashion, clothes, streetwear, t-shirts, tops, bottom, art, hats, accessories, moda, calle, arte, tendencia, ropa.



collaboration - ladamag3clothing


collaboration - ladamag3clothing


collaboration - ladamag3clothing


Q&A with mard3 where he talks about his influences growing up in Mexico City and his use of caligraphy.

Q. Serif or sans-serif?

A few Years Back I would definitely go for Serif ... Now, straight up San Serif

Q. A que le ameritas el uso extenso de la caligrafia, de donde viene?

Pues al hecho de que mi "skill" o aptitud para pintar/dibujar/scriblear nunca tuvo una formación profesional o guiada y fue meramente "self-taught" ( enseñada/adquirida por mi mismo ) y su desarrollo sobrepaso mis expectativas Gracias a los ańos mosos de mi juventud cuando me encontraba envuelto al 100 en la onda del "tagging" en México D.F., y rolando con compadres de la talla del York, Humo, Smash, Louder y muchos otros mas...., y maduro en cantidad cuando me mude a Canada.

Q. Who are your earliest influences?

Thats an easy ONE tho, cause while living in Canada I had the opportunity of rollin and working with big names of the nowadays street/urban art scene worldwide such as Ben Tour, Peter Taylor, Soak, Quest/Kwest, Bandit, the Dark, Ryan Heshka, Jeremy Fish, Camilla D'rrico among many other ones ..

Although the one biggest inspiration came from a huge homie who lives out in Pender Island B.C and runs an amazing artist residency named The Islands Fold, Luke Ramsey and his beautiful wife and super amazing cook Angie. He's the one that got me to bust out that creativity I had out of the computer and start using other tools to plasm my ideas onto paper or whatever other surface available. Another homie from way back in the day in Mexico City was a trigger for me to get back full on into making art again after a very wisdom advice he told me which was ... "It's all about making anything with anything You have or find around", before I was moving to Japan. Alexis Mata "Ciler" was a very important inspiration to me most recently and once I arrived to Japan and left the sewing machines beside, my homegirl Asami Tatsuda "Bluefudge" helped me a lot in regards of finding or polishing the style I have nowadays!

Q. What art events have you participated?


Fanzine No3 w/ Luke Ramsey, Islands Fold x Daniel Gonzalez

PF Flyers Art and Sole 1 & 2 groupshows

Misanthropy Gallery 5th anniversary group show

Hong Kong:

Street and Urban art 11after11 clothing store-gallery's group show


Give me an Easy Life Group Show 1, 2 & 3 Group shows at the Pratas Gallery-Cafe


Solo show & the Fascinated clothing store-Gallery