Alberto Castro
  • Long ago, a multidisciplinary front-end デベロッパー [developer] with a background in UI design.

    I am a creative all-around individual who is overly passionate about デザイン [design].

  • Certified ELT Celta teacher, Certified Web Developer and Newspaper contributor to Libre en el Sur.

  • Background.

    Raised around the globe by a career diplomat and his fine arts counterpart; my cultural background is extensive.

    In the fall of '01 I move to the Windy City to study Computer Science.

    From '03 to '09, I was taken in by Linux & the OSS/Open Source sphere, contributing code and graphics.

  • Interests.

    Collecting books, examining subjects such as the Arts, History and Mythology, a Renaissance man.

    Visual art projects, photography. Open source microcontrollers, samplers, sequencers.

    Skateboarding is another passion of mine and I exercised it for over 24 years, it takes discipline.

  • My current research topics are Symbolism, Egyptology, Religion, photographic composition, smart fabrics (techwear) (textile computing), cryptography, architecture, blockchain technology, and sustainability.

    Member of R1b Haplogroup and secret societies.

  • I like to travel, having visited over 130 cities in 29 countries.

    I speak English, French, Spanish and study Japanese.

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    var. of com- before a vowel, h, and gn: coadjutor; cohabit; cognate. The prefix co- now productively forms new words from bases beginning with any sound (co-conspirator; co-manage; coseismic), sometimes with the derived sense auxiliary, subsidiary (coenzyme; copilot), and, in mathematics and astronomy, with the sense complement (codeclination).

    /rɛd/ [red] –verb (used with object), red, red⋅ding.
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