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Long ago, a multidisciplinary UI designer with a background in オープンソース [Open Source].

I hold a degree in Computer Network Engineering, certified as a web developer, teach English as a second language (ELT) with a CELTA qualification, and contribute to a newspaper.

Areas of Research:  Architecture, Photographic Composition, Symbolism, Smart Fabrics, Sustainability Initiatives, Cryptography, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

I enjoy traveling and have visited over 130 cities in 29 countries.


Seichiro Ichinose, Robert "xcasex" Renling, Corey Donohoe (atmos), Brian Mattern "rephorm", Christian Fofiu, Carsten Haitzler (rasterman), Ben Rockwood (benr), Nathan Ingersoll, Tatiana Azundris (azundris), Jason Poindexter "contenu", Nathan Baxter "pixelhead", Andrew Brehaut "gr1dl0ck", Kevin Francis "seraph", Hannes Janetzek, Alex Becherer "moshi", Pascal (the myth) Deniau, Rexford Smith, Candace Blevins "candy", David Liu, Quinn Storm, Braulio Elizondo (hiperpunk), Daniel Gonzalez (mard3), Stephen Houston (okra), Ibukun Olumuyiwa, María Mayela Leiva Ulloa, José Humberto Castro Villalobos, Emilie Fresneau, Pablo Romo (Pablo Canvas), Carmen Torres, Ricardo Fajardo.