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Release Highlights

Indxr Features
  • Breadcrumbs Module: Easily navigate through directories with a hierarchical breadcrumb trail.
  • Content Flexibility: Display a variety of content types like images, audio, video, and text within a sleek fullscreen overlay.
  • Live Search functionality: Enables users to search for files and folders within Indxr. It dynamically updates the search results as the user types, and allows users to open files found in the results directly in Indxr's fullscreen overlay. This feature is currently not implemented on the github repository.
  • Smart Filtering: Effortlessly filter directories and files while maintaining complete control over hidden items, including Directory and File descriptions.
  • Summary Insights: Gain insights into your directory listings with informative summaries of visible objects, directories, and file sizes.

  • Thumbnail Previews (Potential Enhancement): Provides potential for generating and displaying thumbnail previews for image files.
  • Security measures to prevent directory traversal attacks.
  • Optimize the script for performance, especially when handling large directories.
  • Enhance user interactivity with features like search.
  • Implement access control to restrict access to certain directories or files.


Indxr is a versatile tool for presenting directory contents in an organized and visually informative manner. It includes features such as hidden item filtering, descriptions, MIME-based icons, and fullscreen overlay functionality, making it a valuable asset for directory management.

Slidr Features
  • Image slider with fullscreen capabilities and download option.
  • Initialization of variables, including slide indices and fullscreen mode state.
  • Separate intervals for main and fullscreen slideshow modes.
  • Functions for navigating to the next and previous slides in both modes.
  • Error handling for cases where no slides are found.
  • Event handling for next/previous buttons and slide clicks.
  • Toggle fullscreen mode by clicking on a slide or a specific link.
  • Handling of fullscreen mode, including CSS changes and event listeners.
  • Download functionality that updates the download link based on the visible slide.
  • Shuffling of the slide's order.
  • Initialization and event binding when the document is ready.

  • Security Measures: Implement security measures to prevent potential vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks or unauthorized access to files.
  • Performance: Shuffling a large array of images could impact performance.
  • Image Alt Text: Each image should have meaningful alternative text (alt) for better accessibility.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Implement keyboard navigation within the overlay for better accessibility. Users should be able to navigate through the files and perform actions using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Error Handling: Implement more robust error handling and messaging for cases like failed image loading or unexpected errors.


Slidr provides a consistent and user-friendly experience for navigating and viewing images in both fullscreen and non-fullscreen modes.