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Release Highlights

Indxr Features
  • Breadcrumbs Module: Easily navigate through directories with a hierarchical breadcrumb trail.
  • Functional Utilities: Leverage a set of useful functions for enhanced directory and file management.
  • Content Flexibility: Display a variety of content types like images, audio, video, and text within a sleek fullscreen overlay.
  • Smart Filtering: Effortlessly filter directories and files while maintaining complete control over hidden items, including Directory and File descriptions.
  • Summary Insights: Gain insights into your directory listings with informative summaries of visible objects, directories, and file sizes.

  • Thumbnail Previews (Potential Enhancement): Provides potential for generating and displaying thumbnail previews for image files.
  • Security measures to prevent directory traversal attacks.
  • Optimize the script for performance, especially when handling large directories.
  • Enhance user interactivity with features like search.
  • Implement access control to restrict access to certain directories or files.


Indxr is a versatile tool for presenting directory contents in an organized and visually informative manner. It includes features such as hidden item filtering, descriptions, MIME-based icons, and fullscreen overlay functionality, making it a valuable asset for directory management.

Slidr Features
  • MIME Type Mapping: the getMIMEIcon function maps MIME types to Foundation Icons. It allows for the dynamic selection of icons based on the file's MIME type.
  • Opening Overlay: the openOverlay function opens an overlay for displaying files. It supports four file types: images, audio, video, and text. The overlay is displayed as a fullscreen modal.
  • Closing Overlay: The closeOverlay function closes the overlay for the currently displayed file type. It also includes logic to pause and reset audio and video playback when applicable.
  • Event Handling: The code binds various event handlers to different elements, enabling user interactions and control over the overlay system. These events include opening the overlay when clicking on certain links, closing the overlay when pressing the "Esc" key, and preventing accidental closing when interacting with specific elements like download buttons, video, and audio players.
  • Automatic Slideshow: The code creates an automatic slideshow by cycling through images stored in a specified directory.
  • Shuffled Order: The images are randomly shuffled using the shuffle() function, providing a dynamic viewing experience for users.
  • Download Functionality: The code includes a feature to allow users to download files, such as images, text, audio and video, when clicking a download button within the overlay.
  • Dynamic Content Loading: For text files, the code loads the content dynamically into the overlay, ensuring that users can view text-based documents within the overlay.
  • User Interface Enhancements: The code provides a user-friendly overlay interface with different display modes for images, audio, video, and text, enhancing the user experience when interacting with various file types.

  • Security Measures: Implement security measures to prevent potential vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks or unauthorized access to files.
  • File Type Detection: Improve automatic file type detection based on the file's MIME type. Currently, it relies on the fileType parameter, but a more robust detection mechanism could be implemented.
  • Performance: Shuffling a large array of images could impact performance. Consider whether shuffling is necessary and whether other methods could provide a better user experience.
  • Image Alt Text: Each image should have meaningful alternative text (alt) for better accessibility.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Implement keyboard navigation within the overlay for better accessibility. Users should be able to navigate through the files and perform actions using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Thumbnail Previews: Provide thumbnail previews for images and videos before loading the full-sized content. This can improve the user experience by allowing users to preview the content before opening it.


Slidr provides a consistent and user-friendly experience for navigating and viewing images in both fullscreen and non-fullscreen modes.